YOUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Speech

Find the Correct Vibrational Place to Attract Financial Abundance

I would like to help you find the correct vibrational place so that you can have all of the financial abundance that you wish and desire to manifest in your life. The universe can provide a steady stream of abundance and if you believe and attain a vibrational alignment with this abundance you will receive your share and it won’t be difficult to do and it doesn’t have to take much time because you are already well along the way.

What’s Money Got To Do With It?

That mindset of “I can’t afford” isn’t supportive or healthy when it comes to self esteem. All of us have ingrained messages, which we often aren’t aware of, that hold us back. Once we know what to look for, we can see them coming from a mile away and head them off before they do any damage.

Financial Reality and the Law of Attraction

I have been learning all about the Law of Attraction for some time now and everything has changed for me for the better, all except my financial reality.I feel like I am doing everything right but the money doesn’t come. Panic sets in as I know the bills are due. So the question is how can I attract more money and abundance into my life right now?

See Yourself for Who You Really Are

Learn how to take the time to truly understand who you are. How to tap into who you are as a person. And how to live in an effortless flow of happiness and good vibes.

Winning the Lottery and the Law of Attraction

(Q) I have been trying to win the lottery using the law of attraction for some time now and for most of the time whenever I am buying a ticket I feel positive and happy. I do believe that the law of attraction is real as I have been able to manifest jobs as well as pizza lol. It would give me the freedom I so need, its not easy though to stay positive when your relationship both with parents at home and boyfriend are falling apart and there are always arguments. But to stay positive I normally just do something fun with my kids like watch a movie or go to the park so I can clear my head. A lot of things are going on negatively around me though I am knee high in debt may face jail time and my parents may lose the house I don’t let it control me thou or its not consistently on my active mind not sure though about my subconscious.

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