WHEN YOU WANT TO GIVE UP – Powerful Motivational Speech

Why You Should Appreciate the Gifts You Have Been Given and Pay It Forward

One of the most important things to always remember if you want abundance in your life is to always be thankful for what you have and to give more than you expect to receive. When you take the time to pay it forward, no matter how much or how little you have to pay forward, your life will change.

The Law of Attraction – Do You Really Know What It Is?

Knowing and understanding the key principles of the Law of Attraction puts you in control of the quality of your life. The pointers that I am about to show you will help give you a better understanding of how the universe works.

Using Positive Affirmations – Love and Romance

We all want love and romance in our lives, but it can also be the thing that causes us immense grief and sadness. Either from love lost, or from love we desire but cannot have. The key to bringing in the love and romance you desire is to clearly know what you want and spend time daily in gratitude for what you have, even if you do not see it yet.

Relationships With Money

What is your relationship with money? Do you think money is evil? If you think your friend is evil, do you think s/he would stick around? Well, money won’t either. If you think you have to work hard for your money, guess what, you do.

The Path to Immense Prosperity

We all want to prosper and have everything we want in life. The challenge is that often we do not know how to achieve the prosperity we desire. The path to prosperity is an easy one, if you choose to follow 6 simple steps. These steps will lead you to success and immense prosperity.

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