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How to Have an Abundance Mentality

There are two types of mentalities. There is the scarcity mentality and the abundance mentality. This article describes how to have an abundance mentality.

Are You Doing All You Can?

Sure, we want things to happen quickly, and we want them, well, the way we want them. But how much time and effort are you putting into the outcome?

The Secret Behind “The Secret”: Is the Law of Abundance on Your Side?

If you’re a fan of “The Secret”, then you might be consumed with ideas of how this “secret” can bring you more green stuff – so what’s that “secret behind the secret” we’re always searching for? Is the law of abundance working for you or against you?

What Is The Most Powerful Factor Influencing Your Success?

“Shift your focus from the notion of fast, cheap wealth to a legitimate exchange of value for prosperity and you’ll get real results.” This anonymous quote really sums up a very powerful shift of focus. Particularly concerning online business, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people going online each day seeking the big ‘hack’ that will make them wealthy.

The Power of Intention: An Inspirational Tony Robbins Motivational Story

This true motivational Tony Robbins story of a Holocaust victim reveals how the power of intention can work no matter what your circumstance. He had only one thing in mind – “I have to find a way out of here”… And he began to focus. Here’s how he did it…

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