WHEN LIFE BREAKS YOU – Powerful Motivational Speech 2020

I Had A Dream – A Very Pleasant One

I had a dream. I was seeing the most beautiful sights in the world that made me think of a better happy and prosperous future. I was never so happy in my life until now and this was the best phase that God showed me in my subconscious.

The Peaceful Path to Abundance

Shall we discover our purpose and share our talents with the world? Shall we find joy? Know love?

How Is Your Relationship With Money As a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Our relationship with money can hinder or help our ability to manifest money. Sometimes our relationship with money isn’t healthy because of what we learned growing up, because of our religious upbringing, or because of numerous other reasons that contribute to a poverty consciousness instead of a prosperity consciousness. And if you have a unhealthy relationship with money, it doesn’t matter how long it has existed. You have the power to change. it.

Activate Your Inner Money Power As a Spiritual Entrepreneur

You have all that you need to activate your inner money power. Your inner money power is built around your mindset and attitude about money. You don’t have to feel power-less when it comes to manifesting more money, when you were born to be powerful when it comes to manifesting more money.

The Divine Purpose of Money for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

As a spiritual entrepreneur your money has divine purpose. Money can be used to help others and the world in an amazing way. Many of us don’t totally understand why we have been called to make a difference and make more money. But there is a divine reason why.

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