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Failure: Why People Fail 2

Failure starts from people’s minds. What we think matters and goes a long way to determine our destiny. Success and failure depends on what we think persistently.

Failure: Why People Fail And How To Avoid Failure

One of the greatest causes of failure is not knowing what you want. You will be surprised if you ask one hundred people what they will do with one million dollars if they are given right now.

Why Do Some People Succeed And Others Fail?

If it is true that we are given the same power and no one has more power than the others, why is it that some are succeeding in life while others are failing. I have proved earlier that God’s blessings on Adam, the first man is a blessing on the human race and since all of us were potentially in Adam when the blessing was released, it follows that the blessing is yours as well as mine.

Keeping The Faith When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit rock bottom? Were you able to deal with it? Then ‘keeping the faith’ must have had a role in it. The only way out from the bottom to the top is by keeping your gaze up. By keeping the faith into the vision you hold. Rock bottom is a test of your faith.

Power: How To Use The Power Within

Every human being born on the planet earth has power that will enable him to get whatever he wants and enjoy this life for as long as he wants. This truth may baffle you, no human being has more power than the other, human life is the same, black or white. All human beings are created by God and are equally empowered by him to get whatever they want on planet earth.

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