WAKE UP & WORK HARD AT IT – New Motivational Video 2021

Think, Grow Rich, Then Take Positively Working Action By Making Fast Decisions, Changing Them Slowly

Sure, I took the title from the Napoleon Hill book, but it is a better title than the one given by the title suggestion box: “Do not think, just do.” For thought is the impetus behind all action, especially beneficial action that makes you grow genuinely rich.

Manifesting Abundance And The All-Powering Law Of Attraction

There is an abundance of everything in life. Whether it’s wealth, success, happiness or love you can have as much of it as you want. The secret lies behind a very powerful law – the law of attraction. Learn how to apply this law in your everyday life and watch how quickly and easily you start manifesting abundance.

Are You Blaming Money For Your Difficulties?

How are you blaming money for your difficulties that you are facing and do you know how you are expressing it? If you agree that money is part of your life and you need this to have a better living for yourself and your family, maybe you are not seeing the signs that you are blaming the thing that you really want to have more of and not knowing that you do.

When The Pressure Is On The Intensity Increases, The Exercise

This is a follow up to the article entitled ‘The Eleventh Hour’, in which we discussed the value and need of a deadline. Now we shall discuss where the power of having a deadline comes from. The reason desires do not make things happen is because they lack intensity. If you want the universe to follow your command you must make the command with a level and in the same type of power to match the Universe.

Here’s How to Manifest a Job and Money in 3 Easy Steps

Is it easy to learn how to manifest a job and money? The most successful people in the world have proven that it can be done, and it’s not that hard.

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