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Blessing, Expectations and Wiggle Room

I’ve had times in my life, which you may or may not be able to relate with, where I have felt so incredibly blessed, purely because my expectations were out of step with reality as it panned out; to the point where my expectations were a lot lower than the point of reality I arrived at. Then, gratitude and thankfulness crowd out anything negative.

It’s Time To Be Inspired by Creating a System

If your finances are not where you want them to be, despite your goal setting and your inspirational affirmations, there is one thing that may be holding you back. It may the one thing you are resisting, fighting and have no inspiration to change. If you are relying on old habits, you can only get old results. Find out what the key is to moving forward and making your business and your personal abundance what you have imagined it would be by now. Growing abundance does not need to be as hard as you are making it by avoiding updating this one thing. Take some action now, get this changed and see the difference in your results.

A Few Basic Steps To Successfully Achieving Your Goals

A few basic steps to help you move forward if you are serious about achieving your goals! You have to be committed to the process if you want to begin seeing progress.

Money – Servant or Master?

There is no surer way of being unhappy than placing money as the master over us. Control is not happiness. Indeed, happiness is about relinquishing control. There is great wisdom in stewarding resources – the pinnacle of which is done to the glory of God.

Rethink It

Your job… is it a lifetime commitment or is it time to move on? What does your gut tell you?

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