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Are You Addicted to Safety?

Most people are. They spend their lives organizing, planning and making the almost imperceptible moves to maintain their comfort and their safety. Do you do that? Many times I do. It’s how I was raised… “Be safe”, “don’t get hurt” “Be careful Dave” …. the mass attitude is one of remaining the same …. at all costs! I call it herd mentality. That works if you want the same results as the masses. Not me.

The Fountain Effect

Approaching our desires from a position of lack creates struggle. If we listen closely,we learn that we don’t achieve our desire from outside of us.

7 Steps to a Prosperity Consciousness

How can we attract the abundance that so many are seeking? To be abundantly supplied for all that we need means we can enjoy loving relationships, a beautiful home, travel, and whatever supports the attainment of our purpose or life’s work. The process we use to access this Universal or Divine Energy is by understanding how it works and what we need to do to open ourselves to this creative and nurturing power. This can be called having a prosperity consciousness.

Different Strategies For Different Results

If the quality of your life remains same, with so much more to have and achieve, chances are high that you have been going about your life in the same monotonous manner over and over. It’s about time that you take different approach and make a change.

If You Really Believed in Miracles, Here is What You Would Do – Part I

Miracles occur all the time; in fact, the universe exists because of the miraculous. But most people think that in order for an event to qualify as a miracle, it needs to be dramatic, flashy, supernatural. That’s where most of us lose sight of the true and simple nature of miracles.

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