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A Vision of Wealth

We hear a lot about income inequality these days. There are people who complain about the wealthy making too much money. Although, we would all like to have a certain level of wealth, being upset about someone’s wealth that has been earned through hard work and ingenuity is a waste of time. there are some very specific actions that must be taken to increase your personal wealth, but for this article we will discuss a “vision of wealth”, as one of the main actions to be taken.

Overview of Universal LAW

Universal laws are working whether we are aware of them or not much like the law of gravity or electricity. Understanding how powerful our thinking is and begin to utilize RIGHT or authentic thinking and order our mind is the most powerful work we can do.

Satisfaction Within An Unsatisfying World

In a world that promises so much, but delivers so little, honing in on the extraneous desires, there is one vital input that millions upon millions run without. Although more than 90% of the world’s population believe in God, at least that proportion of people don’t know Jesus Christ. My attempt, here, is to argue the case for Christ in the context of an otherwise deeply unsatisfying life without God.

How to Deal With Uncertainty and Find Inner Peace

How is it possible to find inner peace regardless of the situation?… In the past the news used to bother me and I could feel insecure. What I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t solve a problem when you are a part of it. In other words: You can’t feel secure by having the thoughts of insecurity; You can’t become wealthy by having the thoughts of scarcity; You can’t become healthy by thinking and focusing on illness. and so when uncertain times surround you my friend the only way to have your inner peace is to find your state of security within.

How Do I Find Inner Peace When Facing Financial Stress?

… There is far too much suffering and pain right now in the financial world. If money creates a lot of emotional turmoil for you my friend, it is an indication that you have to do some work on your beliefs about this subject. If you are currently in debt, or feeling financial pressure it didn’t happen in ONE DAY, and so to turn this around will require work, willingness, determination and will of course take more than one day. However it is possible, many have done it and so can you right NOW.

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