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Anahata – The Heart Centre, Commonly Known As Your Heart Chakra or Prosperity Centre

Anahata or the Heart Centre is the place where we access the divine within and take charge of our destiny. It is our point of balance, the still point between yin and yang or feminine and masculine energies. Spending time cultivating Anahata guarantees a life of balance and prosperity.

Are You Lucky? If Not, Would You Like to Be More Lucky?

Most people walk through life thinking others who are so-called “lucky” have something that they don’t have. Actually, you do have it! Find out what it is below!

Surviving Life Or A Thriving Life It’s Your Call

Whether you survive life or thrive is your choice. Take just one action step today that helps you begin the adventure of joy. Life is a treasure hunt, keep your eyes open for all those golden eggs.

Take Control of Your Life: 3-Step Formula to Unleashing Your Inner Power

Three-step formula to inspire you to a life of power and control of your life once and for all… Do you believe that you just have to play the card life gives you and you have no way to take control of your life? Well, if that’s what you believe, then you’ve probably found it to be true, although many would beg to differ.

Have a Little Patience

Have a little patience with others. Everyone has had a different life experience and it could be quite different from yours. Respect those differences.

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