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Ayni – The Path of Reciprocity

I find that the intentional attention to what is good and true about most humans—in fact, most mammals—the need and desire to connect which leads to sharing and giving and kindness—-brings the same back to me in return. Expecting the best does clearly call on the best to emerge. It is key to being a good therapist, teacher, parent, coach—that we learn to expect the best of the people we serve.

How to Feel Happy Again – 5 Tips For Happiness

Sometimes when you are feeling down or in a rut it can be tough to pull yourself out of it. You want to be happy but you just do not know how to get there. If you follow these 5 simple tips you will bring more happiness into your life.

Optimize Your Health To Maximize Your Profits

Everybody wants to make more money, and more profits in their business, but little of them know and respect their one, most important business asset: good health. Learn why your good health is your most important asset and how, taking just three simple steps everyday can improve your health and maximize your profits!

Who Reads For Fun?

We as a nation in the united states have lost the joy of reading for fun. We are so focused on our careers that the only reading we may do is to enhance our careers. That is of course if we are doing any reading at all. This needs to change.

Back From The Future Into The Now

It happened again last week. I got up one morning and my computer had reset its time clock to 2099. Everything on my computer was blinking in alarm because all my software programs, and protective services, were completely out of date.

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