Lottery Predicted Astounding Number of Times

An online company accurately predicts the lottery so may times that the lottery companies try to have them shut down. This author went to interview them.

How to Plug Back Into Your Power When Your Circumstances Have You Down

Are you a student of working with the Law of Attraction, yet you find yourself feeling unplugged from your power at times? Does it seem like what you’re doing in your business today is not manifesting the income that it used to?

Anyone Can Be A Minimalist

Truth is…I did not wake up one day and say, “Oh I think I will become a minimalist.” I sort of fell into it. I let my consumer debt become out of control, so when the economy took a dive, and I lost my job, my financial situation was not a pleasant environment to contemplate.

Law Of Attraction: Don’t Be Robbed By Being Judgmental

Remember, the ‘like attracts like’ concept in the law of attraction. Be nice to others and in return, you will attract the same. The lesser we are at being judgmental of others, the more content-balanced people we will attract into our lives to help us attain the abundance in life.

A Forgotten Community Speaks Volumes

I had the incredible opportunity to go high into the mountains with a nonprofit group to visit the indigenous communities of Huehuetenango (pronounced Way-way-te-nango), Guatemala. The higher we climbed, the less smooth the road became. The roads on the mountain gave a new meaning to “pothole.” These were craters, with rocks, gravel, mud and a dog or two to get in your way.

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