The Most Powerful Quotes Ever Spoken

How To Tone Your Receiving Muscles

As women, we are raised with cultural messages to put others’ needs before our own, to not really know and honor our own needs, and/or feel indebted if we do receive. However, in a balanced life, giving and receiving are actually two sides of the same coin. So, what’s a girl to do?

How To Turn An Idea Into Reality

Have you ever had an idea, an idea that seemed so amazing you started to get excited about it? What happened to that idea? How long ago was it?

What Taking A Stroll Down Money Memory Lane Can Teach You

Childhood events shape how we relate to money as adults, and I always ask my financial therapy and money coaching clients about their first memory of money. These seemingly innocent experiences are a virtual goldmine of information, often creating a template for future beliefs, feelings, and behaviors regarding money.

Steps On Achieving Abundance And Prosperity (Part I)

We are going to be talking about the 3-steps needed to achieve the abundance and prosperity that you are seeking in your life. (In 3-Parts) The 3-steps are a simple formula using visualization, auto-suggestion, and determination. Using this 3-step formula will have you on the right path towards developing the wealthy mindset needed to achieve the abundance and prosperity that you desire.

Making the Leap Into Extraordinary Reality

If you want to increase your income beyond what you have ever done before, then the gap between where you are financially now, and where you want to be, has to be “non-ordinary reality” for you. It has to, because you haven’t done it before!

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