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Imagine You Are 90

Just for a moment, try shifting the perception of time in you life. If you are looking back from age 90, what would you want to say about your life?

Abundance is Everywhere

I recently had an opportunity to take a 31-day trip touring the United States. It was amazing! It was such a unique vacation. My wife and I took our 3 children out of school and left it all behind. One of the most interesting things we did was take a large stack of $2 bills.

Attracting Abundance Through Effective Goal Setting

When most of us think of “goal setting” we imagine the old-style technique of deciding on an outcome and struggling mightily until we reach it. Fortunately, working with the Law of Attraction can make goal achievement much easier and enjoyable.

Vital Visualizations – Vision Boards and Manifesting Slideshows

Working with my coaching clients I discovered a turning point in the effectiveness with their results. When they visualized every day without fail, they would suddenly have a big increase in the opportunities coming to them.

Manifesting Wealth – Enjoying the Magic and Mystery

Do you keep trying to control the ways in which wealth comes into your life? By doing so, you may actually be blocking your wealth from manifesting.

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