The Indestructible Soldier: Wesley Grant [ROYAL MARINE]

When It’s Raining

There are always those days when it rains. We moan about it, yet we accept it will brighten up again soon. So when it emotionally rains in our lives, why do we fall into despair and believe that it will never get better. When it rains, it always gets brighter in time.

We Shared Our Pizza With Les Brown – What a Wonderful Lunch Experience!

Yep! Sitting there, enjoying the beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas, munching on pizza when Les Brown stops at our table.

Think Like a Millionaire – Money Magnet – Super Powerful and Fun Technique

I will finish this article by giving you a FUN technique to help you change your Self-Image so that, instead of being a CRAP magnet, you become a magnet to money, wealth and riches. I am letting you know that this technique will work wonders to eliminate any limiting belief. But, FIRST, you must identify the damaging, destructive limiting beliefs you now hold in your subconscious computer and that you want to eliminate. Practicing this technique while in the state of self-hypnosis, will increase its effectiveness a thousand-fold. So that you gain a quick understanding of how to use this technique, let me give you an example.

Thank You T Harv Eker For Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

Thank you T Harv Eker for Secrets of the Millionaire Mind because the teachings in your book gave us the roadmap to financial freedom. And, your information and teachings are helping people just like us from all walks of life to change their blueprint, reset their financial thermostat and live the life they have always dreamed of, instead of sitting, wishing, waiting, hoping for that day to come. We still remember those days of struggling to make the money last through the end of the month, of dreading to get…

What Sparks It For Ya?

Concentrating on those things which make you happy can help motivate you to begin a task. Think about something that makes you smile ear to ear and see the difference it can make.

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