The Ghosts of Our Past

Feng Shui Bagua: A Tool for Reading Energies in Your Home or Office

This article introduces the feng shui bagua as a tool for reading the natural energies in a space. It briefly describes the bagua as an indicator of where specific energies pool in a space and how to use the bagua to read the energies in your space and address energy challenges.

An Eternal Money Secret: Having Money Is Your Right – Just Claim It!

Chin-Ning Chu’s book “Thick Face Black Heart” is about thriving and succeeding in everyday life & work using the ancient wisdom of the East. It shows how to face your fears, overcome them and use them to your advantage. Chu’s book is packed with wonderful tools for leading a passionate successful life on every level, filled with great stories, quotes and the wisdom of the ages.

The Health – Wealth Connection

In this article, I want to explore the connection between health and wealth, how they work together, and how they affect your overall success. So how do health and wealth correlate with each other, and why is this important in your life?

Tune Into Your Abundance

Just as a fish pays no attention to the water in which it lives, we often take our environment for granted. It’s good to be grateful for our blessings, but how can we be more thankful for the world in which we live? This article shows you how.

What Do You Want for 2013?

Start off 2013 just the right way – sit down and take some time to decide what you REALLY want next year so you can start working to receive it NOW. It does take time for manifestations to come to reality, so the sooner you start, the sooner you will see them become a reality.

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