The Future is a Choice

Law of Attraction Is An Incomplete Science

The law of attraction is incomplete because many use it wrong. Get your mind right and the law of attraction begins to creep up on ya, and I hope you don’t startle easily.

What Is In It For Me, What Is In It For You?

Although this is under the heading abundance and prosperity, this will be a rather humorous, yet informative article about service, achieving goals and striving past problems you meet when achieving goals and doing good service. Think about it, life is what we make it all the authorities and experts say. Yet when face with the same problems and adverse conditions, these same authorities and experts have the same questions about how to succeed past their own problems.

Recognize Your Importance

You know it happens all the time; you’re getting set to finally start that project, the one you’re really looking forward to, and then the phone rings. It’s your neighbor from next door and she wants you to go shopping with her. So what do you do?

Top Beliefs About Money That Are Holding Us Back (and How We Can Change Them)

This article is about limiting beliefs we have with money. And how we can change them.

3 Steps to Manifesting With Intention

This article will help you to correctly craft an intention statement. It gives you tips on how to be in alignment with a vision, utilizing all of your senses and clarifies how to be in inspired action in order to manifest what you desire.

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