Success Is Internal

Qi Cultivation Part 1 – How To Become A Qi Magnet And Create Your Awesome Reality

You can make the quantum leap to health, wealth and success using an easy to learn qigong exercise that will turn you into a positive qi magnet for attracting and creating your awesome reality. You can cultivate your qi and thus increase and maintain yourself in a very positive level of vibration. It is said that at the highest level of vibration, at the level of the universal mind, that there is a “thinking stuff,” Qi, from which all things are made, and which, in its original state permeates, penetrates and fills the inter-spaces of the universe. You can connect with the Universal Qi, attract it and and use it to create your awesome life.

Spiritual and Rich – An Oxymoron?

Are we allowed to earn a living from anything to do with spirituality? Where’s the line? Is it ok to earn just enough to scrape by, but not ok to become wealthy? Is it ok to be spiritual and rich?

Dissolving Life Jams

Have you ever been in a traffic jam? Once traveling from Connecticut to Ohio Del and I were in three of them. Two of them lasted long enough that we turned off the car and waited for an hour or more before being able to move on. In all of them, we never saw the cause even though the result was over 10 miles of stopped traffic. However, once the cause of the jam was removed the traffic flowed as if it had never happened.

How to Manifest What You Want in Your Life

Since “The Secret” was launched a few years ago, most people have become aware of this law called the “Law of Attraction”, and how they can use it to manifest anything they want into their lives. In this article, the author looks at some simple steps on how to make use of this law to manifest what you want into your lives.

Importance Of Daily Affirmations

Discover the power of daily affirmations! Mixed with strong positive, confident and enthusiastic emotions! I believe daily affirmations used with perseverance, with the right affirmations, with the right positive emotions, can transform people’s lives for the better!

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