STOP NEGATIVE SELF THINKING – Listen To This Everyday (motivational video)

Clarity First, Then Manifest

Manifesting is far more powerful when you have achieved crystal clear clarity around what you are trying to manifest before you begin to manifest. If what you have been trying to manifest doesn’t seem to be appearing in your life, go back and check to make sure that what you are manifesting is, in fact, what you thought you had actually been asking for!

Are You Brainwashing Yourself?

The downward spiral seemingly starts out with an event. You’ve been diagnosed with a health verdict that sounds scary. Your mate or family member seems to be rejecting you or something important to you.

Don’t Let “No” Stop You From Earning Your $1 Billion

We are all raised to win and failing on something usually means that we have disappointed our loved ones. This is the reason why many people are afraid of pursuing what they want in life, afraid that they would fail.

Using The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance is one of the most positive laws of success there is. By understanding this law, a person can avoid both worry and greed, making their life an example for others.

What Will You Do With Your Beautiful Life?

You know when something is right. I mean it just feels right. That feeling that glides through your day and falls into place in the perfect fit that only destiny could create.

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