Stoicism as a philosophy for an ordinary life

How to Possess the Good You Desire and Fill Your Life With Joy!

You have ability to expand or to spread beyond your imagination. You have the anointing that will cause everything you do to multiply and expand beyond your immediate sphere of contact. You have all it takes to take yourself to a greater level in life and, be full of fame and fortune. Please read on!

Why is the Law of Attraction Not Working For Me?

Perhaps you turn a jaundiced eye toward those who actively believe that the Law of Attraction is an authentic, universal principal. This usually happens when people have tried numerous times to change their lives and futures only to find that are once again failing.

You Become What You Think About – Have Better Health and More Wealth and Happiness in Your Life

Many years ago, Earl Nightingale, the founder of personal development, said “You become what you think about most of the time”. It was true then and it is still true today. What you think about determines the level of health, wealth and happiness you experience in your life.

Financial Freedom Starts With a Definite Purpose in Life

Most people wish that they could have enough money to live life with the ability to do whatever it is they want. Financial freedom is an opportunity that everyone has but very few people actually seek out. Most people don’t realize that anything is possible because they don’t have a clear definite purpose in life.

Your Emotional State is the Key!

Everything impacts your emotional state. If you are having a good healthy satisfying life or a life of problems and difficulties depends to a large extent on your past and present emotions and how you handled them.

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