Slaves of Technology?

Law Of Attraction: On Common Ground With Buddhism

Practitioners of Buddhism and the law of attraction believe in cause and effect. Believe it or not, we are constantly creating causes that result in effects. Henceforth, if we can focus on making desirable causes by breaking free from our bad habits and to change for the better to make good ethical decisions, we reap what is desirable.

How to Live Like a Child Again

Who wouldn’t want to be a child again? Aside from the complexion and the extra time on the planet, being a kid is nice. You know why?

Attracting Abundance – Are You Missing Something?

You may have thought that your main goal is attracting financial abundance. You just want to have plenty of money. But if you explore this matter a little further, what you want are actually the good feelings that the money can bring to you.

Visualization Tips That Really Work

It can feel very frustrating when you hear of so many success stories of people who achieve their dreams using visualization. Why? Because in theory it sounds so simple, but you can run into so many obstacles when you try to make it happen. Below you will discover two easy but powerful ways to eliminate these barriers and make your mind work for you.

Living With Passion and Purpose

Clint and I attended the funeral of a friend of his today that he worked with for about 5 years. He was 53 years old. He was a great guy with lots of plans for the future, but God’s plan wasn’t the same as his, and now he’s gone.

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