Self Confidence is the First Requisite of Great Undertakings | Bob Proctor

Ways to Achieve Your Goals: Become a Money Magnet

How often have we heard the old saying “The world is your oyster”? Its a great saying but how doe we live it and practice it? Read below to find out more…

Your Money Blueprint Controls How Much Money You Earn

Do you know what a money blueprint is? In simple terms, your money blueprint is your thoughts and feelings around money, and how it comes to you. In other words, controls how much money you earn. This can also be called your money thermostat. Allow me to share with you tools needed to turn your themostat up!

10 Steps Forward, and 10 Steps Backward

Most people live their entire lives working at a job where their entire days consists of taking 10 steps forward and 10 steps backward. Like walking from the cubicle to the boss’s office and then 10 steps backward to their cubicle.

Water Finds Its Level

When we are at the precipice of transformation, we often can become fearful that our old world will not support this change and old patterns of sabotage can begin to rear their ugly head if we let them. Trust is the knowing that when you expand, your world expands with you.

Tips to Lower Retirement Expenses

Even if a fair amount of money is saved over one’s career, leaving the workforce and entering retirement can cause financial challenges. Gone are the days of spending on convenience and luxuries at the drop of hat, but that doesn’t mean life isn’t just as enjoyable. There are many conveniences a retired person can take advantage of to maximize the cost effectiveness of purchases, travelling, and overall living. The following provides 9 tips to utilize during retirement to stretch your dollar, yet live a fulfilling life.

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