SAMURAI: Spirit of the Warrior – Greatest Warrior Quotes Ever

SAMURAI: Spirit of the Warrior. Greatest Warrior Quotes EVER! This is the first video of a new Motiversity series featuring Life Changing Warrior Quotes. Motivational speech and explanation by Marcus “Elevation” Taylor. Quotes from Musashi Miyamoto, acclaimed samurai warrior and sword saint.

“Study strategy over the years and achieve the spirit of a warrior.” – Musashi Miyamoto


Marcus “Elevation” Taylor

Marcus is a sought after Transformational and Motivational speaker, pastor, film maker, singer and musician. He is also the CEO and creative director of Unlock Elevation, a forward-thinking transformational ecosystem that educates and empowers people from all over the world to unlock their future. Marcus is a lyrical architect on a mission to help millions build a bridge from dreams to reality through the gift and power of language.

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Musashi Miyamoto

The Book of Five Rings:

Musashi (1584 – 1645), as he was often simply known, became renowned through stories of his unique double-bladed swordsmanship and undefeated record in his 61 duels. He is considered a Kensei, a sword-saint of Japan. He was the founder of the Niten Ichi-ryū school or Nito Ichi-ryū style of swordsmanship, and in his final years authored The Book of Five Rings.

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