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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Create Prosperity in Your Work

The world will see you the way you see yourself. If you want to create prosperity in your work it will start with you making a decision that you deserve to receive the prosperity and you are willing to change the way you see yourself in order to achieve it.

Affirmations for Abundance

In time you will discover the things that you want are drawn to you and you to them. This abundance will overflow. Always remember that you are worthy of the abundance that you seek.

Luckability: A Creative Way To Attain Success

Perhaps your most important ability is not the ability to think, analyze, creatively write, play basketball or dance. In reality, your most important ability may be your LUCKABILITY! Luckability is a term comprised of both the word “luck” and the word “ability.” Combined, these two factors represent a powerful advantage and critical edge in your business, professional, social, and personal life.

Picking Out an Identity That Defines Who You Are

Some of us place our jobs as all fire important in this life. Some actually identify who they are by their job. “RealtorJohn”, “Captain Bill”, “Doctor Jim”, or “John Lawyer, Esquire”–you get the point. On occasion, it may be worthwhile to examine what really is significant to one’s self image, and determine if it is appropriate to let your job be your whole of wholes in life.

How to Be Successful in Anything You Do

Taking Stock – Assessing Your Motives For and Definitions of Success. Who are you partnering with today? Who are you running the race called success with today?

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