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Illusion Delusion

Have you heard that everything is an illusion? Well it is. All parts of your life are happening as you see them. It’s all about your perspective. If you change the perspective, you will create another illusion.

Do You Have?

To him that has, more will be given; but to him that has not even the little he has will be collected and given to him that has. May God forbid that you don’t have. Given is the secret to living in abundant prosperity

Abundance Prosperity and Spiritual Communion

The Spirit looks after its own and this was a lesson learned when told to quit my lucrative job as a Company Manager and work only for it. Many would have baulked at the prospect especially as my three children were in private schools and there was a mortgage on our farm and my car was leased. Another factor is that as a single mum of teenagers there were other pressures on me that don’t readily come to mind.

Is Poverty a Virtue?

Poverty is the opposite of abundance. Abundance is a virtue.

Prosperity Requires A Mindset That Drives Your Passion To Action

Prosperity is much more than about accumulating money. This article is about the primary foundation for building wealth that has been shown to be the most effective driver of prosperity and success. Learn the secret for yourself.

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