REWIRE YOUR BRAIN – Neuroscientist Explains How To Control Your Mind in MINUTES!

Changing Limiting Beliefs – Do You Know Why You’re Still Poor?

You can do all the visualizations you want. If you’re not changing your limiting beliefs, you will never attract money or riches.

How To Attract The Right Kind Of Energy – For Abundance And Prosperity

Abundance and prosperity is our divine right, we just need to understand this, and the way that energy works, so that we may work with it every day to create what we need with ease. We already have all the tools, we just need to learn how to correctly use them.

Happy New Month!

By NOW, 97% of the New Year’s Resolutions have gone by the wayside. So to get you back on track, I’ve decided to start a New Month’s Resolutions, smaller bite sized goals that you’ll stick with or be able to renew the next month if you’ve faltered or let the month get away from you…

Here’s A Little Secret – What a $1.00 Bill Can Say About You!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a financial freedom retreat in which I was challenged to give away a $1.00 bill to a stranger. It was amazing to me how the idea of giving $1.00 to a stranger could produce so much anxiety in me.

How to Be Lucky in 30 Days

Almost every person in this world wants to have a lifetime good luck. You can actually achieve it and as Donald Trump said, “Everything in life is luck.” All you need to do is create that good luck in your life.

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