Reverse Your Subconscious Mind’s Sabotage Patterns

EFT Techniques For Attracting Abundance

Here’s a simple way to use Emotional Freedom Tapping, or EFT techniques to increase both the feeling of abundance in your life – and your actual abundance.  It’s an easy way for attracting abundance.

Start Living a Happier Life by Learning to Live Consciously in the Moment

Do you ever consciously practice being in the moment? How often are you fully here in the present moment? Most of us spend our waking days either in the past or in the future. Yes, it’s true. Think about it.

Working Smart and Hard is the Secret Why Some People Are Poor and Others Rich

For the vast majority of people life is not a bed of roses. All of us have to work hard to achieve success in our jobs, our businesses or even in our relationships. In spite of working hard we find that we are unable to achieve much success and the friendly advice given to us is to work smart and not hard. There is no substitute for hard work in whatever activity we are involved in but working smart and hard is certainly the best way to go about in our search for excellence and success.

Good Or Bad, Law of Attraction is Always Working

make law of attraction work in your favor. Keep mind open utilizing imagination.

Something You Should Know About Manifesting Your Desires With Intention

Something that is usually not explained is that although you have a limitless power to manifest what you would like to experience, it is the Universe itself that gets rearranged itself for your creation to take place. But, instead of just putting it front of you it offers you a situation that contains “what you have to do” to achieve it. This mechanism actually serves a purpose. It ensures that you will not manifest anything you do not really want. If you do not really want it, you will not be willing to make the effort to achieve it. On the other hand, if you decide to “claim back” your limitless creational capabilities, you have to “claim back” the associated responsibilities as well.

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