RETRAIN YOUR MIND – 30 Minute Motivational Speeches | Best Motivation 2020

Charge Yourself With Energy Healing Techniques

Energy healing is a term which is associated with number of therapies which can address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues in an effective way. Energy healing is of different types, mainly integrated energy healing, quantum, sacral and angel energy healing.

Creating Your Dream Blueprint

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed with the feeling of having a responsibility to manifest something greater than you. That’s why I want to challenge you to renew your mind daily, and create your dream life. Getting you to release your treasure and create your dream blueprint, while acknowledging your dream. Your dream is just that, “God’s perfect will for your life”, a way to create your life plan. How encouraging is that to know that you were uniquely designed with an instilled dream even before you were born.

A Song to Poverty

Rock a by baby in a tree top. When the wind blows the pain of poverty grows. Madness ensues when worry prevails. When we forgive it we are victors.

Choose Carefully

Choose carefully who you friend. Choose carefully those who you associate with. If the relationship is not mutually beneficial then it may be time to rethink.

Take It To The Bank (Prosperity, The Ultimate Game)

Sure, there are always up times, and down times in life. But more than that, the journey is always to be enjoyed, sort of like a roller coaster.

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