Results Never Lie | Bob Proctor Masterclass Exclusive Preview

Prosperity! Make It Happen

Prosperity is every man, woman and child’s divine right. If you are not prosperous, first ask yourself why, find the answer and do something about it.

Three Points to Remember About Money

There are many places to read more about the historical connections between money and the Divine, but here I want to speak to how this manifests in your life and business. There are three main points to remember when it comes to money.

The Key Secrets to Prosperity

“It’s a sin to be poor”, quoted George Bernard Shaw many years ago. That was a strong and controversial statement. It was a statement that offended many, especially those who are poor.

The Miracle of Awakened Thinking

Paying attention to the results we get and then reverse engineering them to discover the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions that created them, will help. When you understand that process, you can redirect your thoughts and actions right now, to attract a different reality in the near future.

Living in Abundance

Throughout history, many have questioned the passage to prosperity. Some believe it to be the high road through the ‘rat race’ while others remain complacent believing it to be an impossible dream. There is yet a third category that has redefined prosperity using divine principles to create a natural spiritual abundance.

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