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All We Need Is in a Seed

Whatever circumstances exists in our lives, whether negative or positive, is based solely upon the seeds we have sown in life. We have a God-given ability to change the outcomes in our life by sowing different seeds. In this article, we will show how to sow incorruptible seeds that will produce a bountiful harvest every time.

Visualisation Techniques – If You Want to Feel Good – Get Out of Beta and Into Gamma!

Have you ever wondered why some people always seems so positive and upbeat whilst you’re sipping your coffee for a kick start as you struggle with negative thoughts about everything in life that just might go wrong? What have they got that i haven’t, you may ask? Well guess what… it’s less about luck and your personality type and all about your brain waves. And the fabulous news is brain waves are not static… they change depending on how you use your mind, body and emotions.

How to Maximize Your Seedtime Harvest Payoff

Is the garden of your life in crop failure? Are you doing just okay under the circumstances? Stop and take authority over those issues now. Sow a surefire seed and watch it multiply in abundance to meet your needs. It worked for Adam in the Garden of Eden, and it will work for you too..

The Secret Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance has been around for centuries. Historians believe it was created from a Chinese exercise commonly referred to as “The Chinese Law of Abundance Check.” The great news is; the decree of quantity is no longer a secret for most and anyone can live in this manner.

Designer Living: Worry Free and Blessed

Toiling for a living was not God’s idea. It’s the curse of Adam’s rebellion. God designed a life for us that is worry free and blessed. In this article we will show you how to tap into God’s blessings and leave the curse behind.

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