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Are We Teaching Our Children to Be Poor?

Our everyday words and phrases may actually be building up a lack consciousness in our children. The way we teach manners and try and stop children from expressing what they want when they want it may be destroying their naturally abundant nature.

Celebrating Prosperity

Sheena had been working her home based business for a little over two months and had resigned from her brick and mortar job. Her income had tripled since the previous month and she knew that it was time to move forward. This was reason for celebration.

Mornings With The Science Of Getting Rich: Picture The Flow of Life

Today is Sunday, a day of renewal, a day of beginnings and a day for a fresh look at The Science of Getting Rich. There is no limit to the supply of Formless Stuff, or Original Substance. The universe is made out of it; but it was not all used in making the universe.

Create the Life You Would Love to Have Through Health, Happiness, and Wealth

Health, wealth, and happiness are the building blocks for a successful life. Everyone has its own definition of success. However, when these three elements strike a balance in your life, you definitely achieve a meaningful and satisfied life.

Manifesting Happiness and Prosperity

Sheena’s dinner party ended after her guests had asked her countless questions about the change in her beliefs about herself and about the business she had started. They all agreed to go home and watch the video presentation from the link she would email to them.

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