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Programmed Dreams – A Way to Find a Job

A man said his wife was thinking about looking for a job. “That’s no problem” I replied. “Let me write a programmed dream for her.” I wrote: “I will have a dream about employment, and the interpretation of the dream will tell me exactly what to do. “I will awaken at the very end of the dream, remember it and write it down.”

Understanding Self Improvement

Often when people read about self improvement, they scour tons of books on the subject and read multitudes of free blog articles. And by the time they are finished, they are exhausted and don’t know quite where to start. I found this to be the case when I talked to people about gaining wealth.

What Is True Wealth?

What is true wealth? Is it that you have more money then you know what to do with? Is it that you have multiple residences?

How to Manifest to Help Improve Your Life

Manifesting is the act of making your wishes into reality, by using nothing except the power of your own mind and the natural laws governing the universe. The universal law of attraction states that everyone has a “frequency” or energy, which attracts things like itself. You can use the law of attraction to improve your life in any number of ways.

The Recipe For How To Attract Money

Here is the recipe for how to attract money. You will need: 1 bucketful of trust. Unshakable belief in yourself. Clear intention. You don’t need the ability to powerfully visualise, nor do you need to be saintly. This recipe works. You can prove it for yourself, but first I’ll explain how to get each of those ingredients in the right proportions.

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