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Effective Visualization With the Visioneering Technique

Most people are probably familiar with visualization techniques but the problem is they give up too easily and usually for two reasons. The first reason is because the old you creeps in with excuses and reasons why not to do it and the second reason is because you may not have been doing it right in the first place and so didn’t see any positive improvements in your life.

Visualization Technique – Past, Present and Future Visualization

What works best for you, may not work at all for me and thus, it is important that we find the best technique that suits us personally. There are hundreds of techniques around and you only need to practice once to work out whether or not it will work for you in the long run. I call this technique the “Past, present and future visualization.”

Effective Visualization and Programming

Effective visualization and programming can change the way you think permanently in just 1 month and that is impressive, considering how old and deeply rooted most of our programs are as adults. However, it isn’t easy reaching that first 30 day threshold, because you’ve been a slave to your current programming for so long.

3 Simple Steps to Attracting Money For Life-Long Prosperity

Attracting money is to draw in wealth and wealth in your life. To draw in cash, you also need to understand how to use cash properly. Here are some useful tips you can follow to attract money.

Use the Law of Attraction Wisely

We know that the Law of Attraction works. So why do we use it for things we don’t want?

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