NO MORE ZERO DAYS (This could change your life)

Even With A Legitimate Home Business Opportunity, You Must Believe In YOURSELF!

So, you’re sick and tired of working for someone else and feeling like your life is being controlled by them. You started looking for and found a legitimate home business opportunity. You’ve plugged into the training. You’ve applied what you’ve learned. You’ve battled the feeling of overwhelm. You’ve taken consistent ACTION! And now… you’re frustrated because you don’t feel like you’re making progress towards your goals.

Not for Personal Gain

In the spiritual community there seems to be a belief that selling and marketing is somehow “not spiritual” Many of my clients say they have heard that there is a rule “not for personal gain” when using their spiritual skills and talents. This has been mistakenly interpreted to mean that we shouldn’t charge for using our gifts and skills to help others. Some people get round this by saying “I only charge for my time not my gift”.

Don’t Spend Another Minute Being Ungrateful

Are you having a hard time attracting what you want out of life? Does it feel like something is lacking when you go about your day trying to keep focus on what you want in the future? Whenever teachings of the law of attraction get involved, many of the gurus will concentrate on creative visualization, positive thinking, or affirmations.

Our Thoughts Are Energy – The Science of Getting Rich

We now know scientifically that the atoms that make up our body (or anything else) are way less than 1% physical matter, and more than 99% energy. It is hard to believe that everything is held together with an invisible force field of sorts. It all sounds a little more science fiction than science fact.

The Science of Getting Rich – Anyone Can Be Rich

Anyone can be rich when they learn and apply the principles taught in The Science of Getting Rich. You do not need to be overly smart or born into the right family. Just learn to do things in a “certain way” like the Science of Getting Rich teaches.

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