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How Gratitude Serves You

It is a good thing to be grateful for the things that we have while we hope and wait for the things we need. This article shows you how gratitude opens new doors for you.

Are You Watching Them?

Taking notice of your thoughts and feelings is a sure way to improve your situation in life. Take the time to do this as often as possible.

Kingdom Keys: How To Experience Greater Things

There are sound and Biblical guidelines for you to prosper and excel in the blessings God has for your. Learn Three Kingdom of God principles that will help you to sustain the greater things He has done for you.

Do Not Force It, It Will Go Right

“Put in your best efforts, but do not force it” is how the saying goes. It is one of the few sayings in line with reality. However good your plan is, like a flight, when something veers off, there needs to be an adjustment.This article is one of the biggest reminders of that fact.

How ‘Wanting’ Counteracts The Law Of Attraction

The problem with ‘wanting’ is that the Law Of Attraction will hand us more of the actual feeling of ‘wanting’ opposed to the desired goal or outcome. ‘Wanting’ does not work. What does work though is letting go of the Ego and with it the wanting by using the electromagnetic energy of the heart and intuition to achieve desired goals.

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