NEW YEAR, NEW YOU (2021 Motivation)

What Is Karma? And Money Karma

What is karma? Understanding the meaning of the word karma and how to use it, money karma and planting karma seeds. Is powerful information on how to live life and use karma seeds doing it.

Feeling Guilty About Success? Answer This Question

How do you start to feel like you deserve your wealth? How do you get over guilt? Maybe it’s worth turning the question on its head…

Accept Acceptance As A Way Of Life

One of the hardest things most people encounter is to simply accept things the way they are, whether that has to do with your own personal life or any other event or person in the wide world. But it is well worth your while to accept.

Give Me a Megaphone!

Why do we self-sacrifice and give, give, give, until there’s nothing left for us? Take back the joy and power of stepping into your gifts and practice a little self-love. It’s time to take care of YOU.

Nine Perceptions for Creating Abundance

While much information has been written about the steps for participating in successful manifestation, some key elements that are less explored have to do with our attitudes, our beliefs and our perceptions. These unmeasurable, intangible parts of the human experience are the very ones that affect our relationship with the universal intelligence. The interaction between our heart-felt self and the force which animates all of life is what allows the process of manifestation to occur.

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