My Three Friends

Your 11th Hour

Have you ever had moments in your life when things just seemed so bleak and dark, and you could not imagine seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel?” And then something changed.

Wealth and Prosperity: The Difference Between Poor and Broke

Just heard on the news this morning that only 11% of the population these days has positive thoughts about the economy. Now, I must be weird or something, because I actually find that news to be good and motivating. Why?

Risk for Change

When we are not satisfied with our lives, and we yearn for a change, then we must be able to take risks to make change happen. Risking something is usually scary to contemplate. Whether it be job related or love related. Most of us fear the unknown.

The Abundance Crisis

The news headlines remind us daily of debt, job losses, failed businesses and property losses, all negative energy. Have you bought into this negative, fear-based thinking? Is your life chaotic and full of uncertainty? Read this article and discover if we actually do have an abundance crisis.

The You Show! – Unleash Your Inner Power

Most of us have a similar problem. We feel small and often alone in this big limitless universe. We measure what we receive by how big or worthy we feel we are. Yet somewhere in the field of infinite love and possibilities we are seen as already more then we can possibly imagine with our human brains.

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