“My biggest advice for you as we go into 2021!” | Seth Godin

Financial Freedom With Ease

Money is a very powerful tool. It controls individuals, organizations and even nations of the world. There are people that can do anything just to amass as much money as possible. Why do we have robbery? It’s because of the inordinate desire for money. We have seen people killed just because someone wants to take over the wealth they have accumulated. There are instances where families have disintegrated because of a member’s desire to cheat others of what rightfully belongs to them. Countries of the world are not spared either. Money is certainly playing a prominent role in the current economic debacle faced by the nations.

How To Live A Blessed Life

I do not know of anyone who does not want to be blessed, but just wanting to be blessed is not going to get us there. I believe that there are three major things that we must do in order to live a blessed life. We must believe that God is real; we need to know who we are in Christ Jesus and we must be led by the Holy Spirit.

Living in Abundance!

In the tough economic envi­ronment that we’re living in, it’s difficult to live in abundance. This is particularly true when we are constantly bombarded by the me­dia that perpetuate the doom and gloom and feed on the crisis to gain the attention of their readers. This continual obsession with our current economic situation has contributed to a scarcity mentality.

What’s the Difference – Wealthy and Average

Learn why what you believe, leads to your decisions, your decisions lead to your actions and your actions lead to your results! The concept is extremely simple in order to avoid thinking like an average person and think like a wealthy person in order to create abundance in your life.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about how the law of attraction can help you to manifest good things into your life. You’ve maybe watched someone talk about it on Oprah or come across some writings on the internet. You’ve maybe even tried to put the law of attraction into practice and that’s where you’ve hit a brick wall.

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