Movers & Shakers with Jason Redman

Gaining Success, Prosperity and Abundance by Recognizing Your Delusions

Find out how your beliefs could be holding you back. Find out if your beliefs are serving you. Learn how you need to challenge your beliefs in order to be successful and achieve your goals. Without challenging your beliefs, you may be missing out on the most amazing success and happiness. You may be stuck in a career or relationship that does not serve you well.

The Spiritual Aspects of Financial Security

Many of us work hard to make a living, yet never seem to get ahead. Is it possible that what we are missing is a spiritual element in our financial planning? Having a spirit of generosity can actually help us have greater financial security.

A Journey on the Path of Self Discovery

A Spiritual Budget is what I have created along the path of my own self discovery. In my early years I grew up with parents with addiction and was abandoned at a very young age, now through my own journey I can embrace the gift my parents and family gave me. I now work as a Financial Wellness Coach, Counsellor and Mentor. One of the steps to A Spiritual Budget is self acceptance, gratitude and compassion if we don’t have self acceptance we have self imposed limitation.

Nature’s Symbolic Message As A Guide For Our Lives

Walking through the forest can be an eye-opening experience. Symbolisms abound everywhere and new ways of thinking emerge as we see a world full of riches and wisdom emanate from the soul of plants and trees. As we gaze at each living thing, we see something different in the forest’s world that challenges and teaches us to perceive something different about our own inner world.

Is Money and Prosperity in Your Future?

You are the reason why money and prosperity eludes you. If you can accept that, then you have a chance of attracting wealth in life-if not, you have something to learn. This is an up in your face approach to helping to show you how you are responsible for your destiny whether it be wealth or health, or something else. What you are about to read requires that you suppress your ego.

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