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Attracting Abundance – You Only Get What You Give

Never force anything to happen. You have to learn to be at peace with what is. Forcing something to happen and then failing will result in frustration – a negative emotion that you must learn to remove from your system.

Resistance to Success

Over the last few days I have noticed that I am easily distracted and really not doing the things that I need to do to move my business forward. I had to step back this weekend to really understand what was really going on and perhaps you may see some of yourself in these things: 1) I was attempting to make sense of some of the marketing systems that I have bought. This is taking some time to sink in and because I have to learn something new, I allow myself to get distracted by almost anything…

Do You Expect the Best?

Do you look for the best and work for the best or do expect every little thing to go wrong? We usually get just what we expect so where does that leave you?

Law Of Attraction: Change Your Focus And Savor Life

The law of attraction puts everyone on the same level. It builds on the fact that everyone is equal with the same power to create their own reality that suits them the best. Yes, you have the equal power to create your own reality!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

The phone call came in last Friday night while he was at the gym (he was on the elliptical machine). He was told “I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that not only did you win the $200 raffle – you won BOTH raffles – $400 total. The bad news is you can only win once.”

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