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Does Positive Thinking Really Work or Not?

There is a lot out there about the power of positive thinking. Books upon books upon books have been written about this topic yet there are so many who feel it does not work. For some people it seems to be very successful, others are frustrated with a lack of success. So the question is, does it really work or not?

Abundance Fairy!

All about the attitude of Gratitude and Abundance. How can we create this in our lives?

Everything Has a Vibration

The world is full of diversity. So many different and unique things, yet all of it, from the rocks to the trees to you and me, have one thing in common. We all have a vibration. Yes, it is true, each and everything thing here has a vibration and when you come to realize that you can learn to attune to the different vibrations and help yourself be more successful and have more abundance and prosperity.

Simple Ways to Defeat Bad Thoughts

Do you go from one obligation to another lost in a series of “have to’s? When making choices in our lives, usually the “most alive choices” feel like a risk.

How to Apply the Law of Correspondence in Manifesting Your Desires

There is an important universal law of creation which was once known only to shamans and to members of ancient mystery schools who closely guarded this secret. Today, metaphysical researchers and quantum scientists are breaking the silence by bringing this esoteric knowledge out into the open. The Law of Correspondence is a magical tool which allows you to effortlessly shape reality according to your desires.

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