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Finding Ways to Become Wealthy – 3 Ways to Start With

Wealth is one aspect of life that most people would want to achieve success with. Sometimes being wealthy is taken as an ultimate goal for many and in fact, many also equate much wealth with happiness, thus many people are on the hunt for the ways to become wealthy and rich.

Use the 11 Forgotten Laws to Improve Your Life

Bob Protor of the Law of Attraction and The Secret fame has a new work called The 11 Forgotten Laws. To his critics who say the Law of Attraction does not work for them, Bob says: The Secret showed an oversimplified Law of Attraction with incomplete instructions for use, and there are actually 11 other Universal Laws which affect your life. Bob contends living in harmony with all the universal laws allows our lives to obtain their natural states of health, happiness and prosperity.

My Home Is Resembling Noah’s Ark!

There is such power in acknowledging and appreciating all that we currently have and are, in the here and now. One concept, borrowed from the Law of Attraction tribe, I subscribe to is “What you appreciate, appreciates.” And getting in touch, in such a literal and tactile way, with all my good fortune has been reminding me of this.

Struggling in Life? It’s Time to Say Goodbye Struggle, Hello Profitable Effort!

Who said life should be a struggle? It’s time to end the struggle, start living your life passions, and realize abundance!

How to Think Like a Millionaire: Beliefs About Money

Millionaires do not want to keep money; they want to share. First, for their own good; to help people around. Second, they know that Money is energy; pure energy. The more it circulates, the more it can buy. This is healthy. Millionaires know that.

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