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Life Is Not Fair And That Is Great News!

If life was “fair” then everyone would have the exact same, boring, monotonous life. There would be no incentive for pushing boundaries and no desire to go above and beyond the normal to achieve great things. Luckily things don’t work that way and life really isn’t fair.

Looking for Solutions in All the Wrong Places

We can no longer depend on the “historically dependable employer” for job security, on government and institutions “too large to let fail” for solutions and bailouts, or on people we don’t trust for answers. People have too long given their power to other people, organizations and institutions, allowing these others to tell them what to do and letting them make decisions on their behalf. The thinking and actions that created our current situation are incapable of making it better; they can only give us more of the same. This is a call for action to form critical masses of like-minded people to combine their brainpower for a more prosperous and peaceful life.

Abundance: So Near Yet So Far

Ministry has taken me to many locations where I have observed a variety of living conditions. Two weeks of ministry in Cape Town, South Africa have caused me to reflect on some of what I have seen.

The Feeling Of Being Imprisoned And Out Of Prison

This world can feel like a prison when shackled to fear and normality. It does, not just “it can.” Everyone and their atonement comes through the slow process of understanding what it is genuinely all about. It is not about money, it is not about keeping up. It is all about being, doing and having what you want. When you do not have that, this world can feel like a prison when shackled to fear and normality.

Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind For Money Power

Money, money, money… everyone wants it, but few people think of seeking out a life coach in order to get it. Few realize reprogramming the subconscious mind is the key to changing their financial conditions quickly and easily…

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