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Money – How to Overcome the Mind Trap

Money is for most, a “big thick wall” stuck right in front of us, blocking us. And we cannot think, feel, or see anything, but this great wall that looms before us. The answer is, if you don’t like the way you feel, change your thoughts and thinking. Somewhere in my life, I realised there were other ways.

The Name Of Success

With only twenty four hours in a day, there is a limit to what one can accomplish working alone, a cooperative society provides you time and income leverage; it is a vehicle that provides cooperators ultimate specialization in every field of human endeavor. A cooperative setting provides opportunity cost that allows the utilization of the skills, specialization, labour, and resources of others to accomplish a desired end before remuneration is disbursed to all concerned.

The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded (Doing More To Earn More)

When I say, “doing more to earn more”, I do not just mean work for the sake of work or for the sake of greed. I mean beneficial activities that work to benefit in long term ways that genuinely do something to make a positive difference in any life. Negative does not count in this article, except as laziness and unbeneficial behavior we want to avoid at all costs.

Money-Maker’s Mindset: How To Develop It

Let’s talk about making money. Making money can be a hard thing or easy thing depending on your unconscious beliefs.

Share in the Abundance All Around You

The way to invite abundance into your life begins with approaching life and those around from a standpoint of appreciation. When you learn to appreciate everything in your life, you consistently give and receive responsible love, show real caring and exhibit compassionate thoughts and actions, you will have found true wealth. You always receive more of the things you focus on.

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