Many people are completely unaware of this!

Are You Getting All Caught Up In It?

Are you spreading yourself too thin? Are you trying to manage a juggling act that’s just falling apart at the seems?

An Abundance Mindset

Abundance is driven by a mindset of considering future possibilities. Scarcity is driven by mindset of complacency with the current state. Abundance suggests sharing because there will always be enough to go around. Scarcity suggests hoarding what you have. Abundance mindsets look for creative opportunities to integrate with the work of others. Scarcity mindsets believe there is little opportunity for improvement on their work. Abundance thinkers focus on adding value to others first, and thus add value to themselves. Scarcity thinkers focus on promoting oneself first, and thus overlook the value of others.

You Were Born Rich, Are You Now?

Why do some people succeed and others fail. The differences are in your faith and commitment to what you wanted to achieve, backed by solid action without any fear. Only those who dare to take a plunge, swim!

3 Key Things You Can Do While Travelling

Is it possible to make money in your spare time, what are the best ways to make money in the time which you would normally be wasting. Think about all that time that you spend waiting at a bus stop or a train station or indeed the time that you spend travelling. If you were to calculate all that time you could find that it is a considerable part of your life. The fact is if you were able to turn that time in to useful time, you could find that your life is richer and more valuable.

Making Donations – The More You Give, The More You Receive

Life and existence are giving service and benefiting yourself to keep going, little else matters. Let me explain through this article. There are only two basic rational modes of living, giving and receiving. All else is irrational including stealing, cheating, sneaking and the like.

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