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Team Play: Card Counting Lesson Five

Using a team when card counting can be both highly profitable and potential disastrous. While the math will be in your favor, trust within the team is vital. This lesson also includes some closing thoughts on lessons so far and card counting lessons still to come.

Combining The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration

The Law of Attraction became very popular after the release of the movie- The Secret in 2006, but it has been around as far back as mankind itself. Rhonda Byrne actually made it more understandable to a larger audience. Because of the way it was delivered, a lot of people didn’t get the full picture of it. That is why you have a lot of critics of the movie. But, it was clearly started their in the movie, as I remember, by Esther Hick, that you have to pay attention to your emotions if you want the law to work in your life. Paying attention to your emotions is where The Law of Vibration comes in. Personally, I do believe the movie is complete… at least for beginners wanting to learn about The Law of Attraction.

Systems and Practice: Card Counting Lesson Three

Plenty of information exists about the hi-low counting system, but few go into detail about how to practice it effectively for casino play. After you’ve memorized the basic card values, this lesson will help you apply card counting to the real world.

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chapter 7, Organized Planning

Mr. Hill has taught us many lessons so far. One of them being that the mastermind group automatically crystallizes desire into action. We must recognize and adapt to the system that controls all approaches to riches large and small.

Peace and Quiet Within

When all is noisy about, Yet all is quiet within, Any thought for doubt, Doesn’t even begin. Peering out the window, Rain pouring down, Oh, what a show! No sign of a frown. When we’re at peace to see, Thunder and lightning about, Inside and safe is glee, Gatherings of praise to shout.

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