LOVE YOURSELF AGAIN – Positive Morning Motivation | Motivational Speech 2020

See the Abundance All Around – Share Freely

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and everyone around you is the ability to see the abundance, which abounds and then be willing to offer everyone around you the gift of your caring and sharing. Learn to view the universe as an abundant place, see it as a place, with sufficient resources to serve everyone.

I Won The Lottery! I Want You to Win Too

I’m writing a series of articles detailing how I won the lottery with the Law of Attraction. I really just want to spread abundance by sharing the knowledge I stumbled upon.

The ABC of NOT Getting What You Want

If you already have all the money, peace, love, happiness and health in your life that you’d like to have then you’re probably already familiar with what follows. If however there are some areas of your life that are not quite yet working the way you’d like them to, here’s the ABC (or rather, the CBA) to understanding why you may be missing out and how you change it. C: CLARITY We generally use a GPS or Satnav to guide us when we’re not sure how to get somewhere, either because the…

Why Most People Don’t Know What They Want (So Never Get It!)

Knowing what you want is the key to getting it. Even though that sounds so simple (and even logical!) why do most people not know what they want – and therefore are unlikely to ever create it? Find out!

I Won The Lottery! The Incredible Power of Positive Thinking

The Subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful resource. Learning to develop this power, and use it to your advantage, takes practice. I’d like to help point you in the right direction.

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