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Unique Ways to Change Your Relationship With Money

Thinking about money in terms of being in a relationship isn’t the way we normally think about it. Yet, we relate with everything in our life experience, be it a person, the earth, our car, and our money. We are in relationship with it all. Think of yourself as a relationship partner with everything you come in contact with to some degree or another.

The Money Making Key

It is interesting how many books a person can read on money and still not get what the key is to making money. Money by itself is just an idea and a product of that idea which in its own right has a science to it just like anything else we know. The key is simply and never complicated.

Abundance Is Everywhere! Are You Getting Your Share?

I had the privilege of celebrating the Irish Pub business with pub owners from around the world at the Irish Pub Global Convention in Philadelphia. I also was the keynote speaker in a room full of pub owners from around the world. I shared my goal setting talk and we covered all the laws of the jungle. During this talk, the “Law of Abundance” really stuck out for me. We talked with pub owners about abundance in guest counts, sales and profits. Many of us know that life is about abundance.

The Law of Attraction: Learn the Fastest Way to Materialize Whatever You Want

A lot of people know about the law of attraction and how it works, but more people are looking for how to speed up the materialization process. We are in a time where people want everything served to them fast; they want fast food, fast ways to collect cash (ATM), fast jets, trains, and cars; the human being now wants the world to move faster for him. Even as it might be wrong to nature, but because man is the master of all, he can find a way to make all his wishes possible, one of which i am going to be sharing with you today.

Luxury to the Poor

They say everything in the world is related to money A good education, a good job, and a good standard of living equal a good life. Does it?

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