Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Do You Have a Poverty Mindset?

As a salesperson and a business owner who has been responsible for writing my own paycheck for the last twenty-three years I understand that at times business comes easy and at times it comes hard. I also know that is always my choice. I have had months when I have earned £40,000 and months when I have struggled to earn £4,000 or even less.

Why Your Life Is Beige!

Do you drive a Ford Focus? Does your home lack any real design or style? Is your life the life you dreamed of or just the life that happened to you?

The Healing Benefits of Money – Literally!

I have come across many spiritual healers who hold an underlying belief that money is “bad” or unhelpful. I used to hold this very belief within my own energy until I became aware of it, pried it loose from eons of being buried, and released it. It took work – it was a challenge – but it is gone, gone, gone! I now am able to look at money with fresh eyes, and make friends with it – and, dare I say, LOVE it! Money itself is neutral, and takes on whatever energy we choose to infuse it with. There are many reasons I infuse money with the energy of love. In this article I will focus on the physical and energetic healing reasons why I love money.

Why Not Increase Your Wealth?

Answer a simple question to move forward financially; why not increase your wealth? Those who have wrestled with this thought, and found a satisfactory answer, have produced great financial abundance for their families, businesses, and have begun to live their dreams. Discover how you can successfully address this question in your life to become more wealthy than you have previously imagined! Also, learn 5 steps towards wealthy living!

The One Real Secret To Using The Law of Attraction That The Movie Forgot To Tell You

The Law of Attractions is a powerful thing and using it, you can literally attract the things you desire into your life very rapidly. But just saying out loud what you want over and over is not enough…

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