KNOW YOUR TRUE VALUE – Best Motivational Speech for 20201

The Most Important Things in Life, Are Not Things

The most important things in life are not things. If you’ve ever lost someone close to you then you already know that the most important things in life are not material objects.

Dreams, Dr. Seuss, and YOU

Since I’ve been known to, on occasion, put my very own “Cat in The Hat” hat on and read Dr. Seuss passages at workshops (yep), this article was inevitable. To start – here’s something that I know you know, but that I’m going to tell you anyway: The sooner you make a commitment to take action on behalf of your dreams, the sooner you’ll live them.

Limiting Beliefs About Money

Are your thoughts about money and wealth holding you back from actually achieving it? It’s time to identify poor thinking patterns and replace them with rich thinking patterns. When you banish your old poor thoughts and embrace the new rich thoughts you will be in a better position to acquire the freedom you desire.

Words of Power

How much power do you let words have over you? It is important to recognize how you feel with regards to word that describe concepts about wealth, riches and money.

Rich Versus Poor Thinking

Your mindset towards money makes all the difference. For riches to come to you and to continue to come to you, you need to do things… in a Certain Way.

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